Respecting Alaska Native Lands

The Alaska Earthquake Center respectfully acknowledges the Alaska Native peoples upon whose traditional lands our network sites operate. As an organization with the mission of serving communities and communicating the natural hazards Alaska lands pose, we work in conjunction with Alaska Native peoples across the state. We strive to respect traditional uses of the land, including scheduling site visits around hunting seasons and in a way that minimizes disturbance to wildlife important for traditional users. We aim to minimize our footprint of network operations; when a site is decommissioned we remove equipment and restore the site as closely as possible to its original state.

In Fairbanks, the Alaska Earthquake Center office is located on Troth Yeddha', traditional lands of the Lower Tanana Dene.

This map project created by the UAF Alaska Native Language Center shows the diverse Alaska Native peoples whose lands help support our mission across the state.

Aerial view of the UAF campus